20. nov. 19:00 — For 10 måneder siden

Whittling drop in

Monday evening whittling drop in - Grab your knives and head up to Kroloftet! kr. 100,- - (includes material costs). We can sharpen blades that need some TLC and will have materials and some tools for those without. If you have any green wood, drift wood, fire wood etc that has been waiting for the right moment, bring it along!

Perhaps you have a small project in mind, a butter knife, a wild animal ...... or just fancy meditatively turning a piece of wood into a pile of wood chips, anything is possible...(within reason!)

Never picked up a knife before or have experience and fancy some whittling companions, everyone is welcome! 

headed by Zoe Jo Rae

to join, email zoejorae23@gmail.com