16. mars 18:00 — For 9 måneder siden

Tea Bowl Workshops with Izabela Baranska

fri.2,9,15,23 mars,18.00-21.00; 

I invite you to a cycle of four ceramic workshops dedicated to tea bowl rituals inspired by the Japanese and Korean traditions

When we shape with hands a tea bowl,we start to trust our fingers, our sense of touch. We concentrate our mindfulness.
The shape appears, it is ideal, unique to our feelings and everything that exists at this moment - the process itself enclosed in the tea bowl. I would like to show old techniques of manual ceramic creation, and I invite people to create together many kinds of tea bowls, teapots, coffee cups and other items to daily rituals.

I combine my ceramics with elements of the landscape where I live, which is presently Oslo. Elements of nature; driftwood, raw rocks, stones. Also used metals: copper, iron, rust 
remelting of oxides, of ceramics and glass at very high temperature 
Here is a beginning of the alchemy . 
All colors, sometimes hundreds of shades formed during the firing in a ceramic furnace, are pure magic. 
The formation of new colors, sometimes like a galaxy, sometimes like landscapes, all the colors of earth, water and sky in continuous transformation.

The price includes materials & firing costs. 

ps. If you have a beloved a stone, a shell or a beautiful piece of wood, bring it with you 

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