26. mai 10:00 — Om 3 dager


Build your own Yamana Kayak

A six week workshop to build your own wooden kayak.

Between the 26th of May and the 30th of June:

26/5/18, Saturday 10-16h  
2/6/18, Saturday 10-16h 
9/6/18, Saturday 10-16h 
16/6/18, Saturday 10-16h 
23/6/18, Saturday 10-16h 
*25/6/18 - 30/6/2018: Daily evening drop-in, optional.
30/6/18, Saturday 10-16h 
*Plus an optional day on the water if the weather allows it! Date to be announced.

Build your own Yamana Kayak from two-dimensional plywood shapes to a kayak that’s ready to take out for the summer. You will have the possibility to choose from 5 different designs before commencing the workshop. The models are shown on www.yamanakayaks.com and will be custom fitted to your use.

Some of the steps and topics we will go through:
Cut and confection, the stitch and glue technique, testing kayak symmetry, working with fiberglass on plywood, building the top and cockpit of a kayak, kayak interior components, kayak finishing options.

This will be a course for exclusively 3 kayaks. The price is for one kayak, and one person. You are however welcome to bring a +1 to build with you (+3000 NOK).

The workshop is held in a small group to focus on sharing the methods of making a wooden kayak. We use mainly our hands and basic hand tools. No prior knowledge or experience is required. 

Price per kayak/person: 14000 NOK. 
Available spaces: 3-6     

For more information check out www.yamanakayaks.com or drop us a line at mail@yamanakayaks.com.

Check out our other event "Workshop: learn about making a Yamana kayak" if you want to learn more about the building process!